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For Women Who Want To Soar

Feel like you're surviving? Let's get you thriving.

You're educated, smart, and conscientious. You want to make a difference in the world. You've got a decent job - possibly a very decent job. From the outside, you look like you've "got it together". But, inside, fear and self-doubt are becoming harder and harder to get around. Your (very) decent job is ok, but you don't feel like you can fly. Maybe it isn't your calling. Maybe it is, but you feel like so far you've been successful by winging it and you're going to be caught out any second now OMFG!!

Either way, any hope of having enjoyment and pride in your work has been sapped by the negative chatter going on in your head. Your sense of self has gone AWOL and you feel disconnected from those around you, as well as your own self. You hold yourself back and make yourself small, as to do otherwise feels too scary...but it's becoming intolerable, because despite your increasingly obscured sense of self, you know this isn't you. You know you could make a real contribution to the world, you have so much to offer and the thought of never fulfilling your potential scares the *bleep* out of you.

You're also getting tired. Tired of wearing this mask of the woman who's "got it together" but feels like a fraud, tired of navigating your work and personal relationships around fear and what others may think, tired of seeing others whizz ahead of you in life and work, and tired of feeling disempowered.


Business as usual is no longer an option.

Welcome, you've come to the right place! 


You want to change, and change we can. Together, using Transformational Coaching techniques, we'll explore how your personal worldview - comprised of your values, cultural and social influences, thoughts, and beliefs - is shaping your experience of life and way of being in the world, and look at where you can make changes so you're operating from a place that better serves you. We'll look at how you can nudge yourself out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself. If you feel you'd like accountability and help with practical steps to get going, we can mix that in too. I'll give you the space to be vulnerable, to drop that mask so you can dig deep and do the hard work so that you can live a life according to your values rather than your fears, allowing you to fulfil your potential, make a difference and, importantly, enjoy your life.


We'll have some laughs along the way, too.

Sound good? 


About Me

I work with women who feel that fear and self-doubt are directing their lives, robbing them of opportunities and eclipsing their true self. 

A Londoner born and bred, I started my career in IT and while I was a great problem-solver, I knew it wasn't my "thing". I travelled and bounced around a bit career wise and worked in a few different sectors. While there wasn't one particular role that grabbed me, the one thing that fascinated me through my various jobs was people; their weird and wonderful behaviours and personalities. I finally settled in a role in Special Educational Needs support and went back to university to study Psychology.

Sarah Walsh Profile

I decided to train as a coach after having coaching myself. In 2012, after months of unexplained and debilitating fatigue, I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome, a hereditary connective-tissue disorder. Given that connective tissue is needed throughout your entire body, this has implications for pretty much every system; muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular, digestive – you name it. I was referred to the Changing Outlook on Pain Experiences (COPE) programme at University College Hospital in London, as pain, fatigue and anxiety had significantly restricted my activity, impacting on my life experience and mood. The course was run by psychologists, specialist pain nurses and physiotherapists, and coaching was a core component. 

During the course, the specialist support helped me to achieve things that I'd considered downright impossible, with the most amazing feeling. I felt free, with a sense that I'd come back to myself. I knew that I wanted to put my psychology background to use helping others to  achieve the same feeling, and so trained as a coach. 

The school I trained with, Animas, defines coaching as, "a collaborative, non-directive conversation that brings about change through inquiry, reflection, choice and new behaviours in order to help people make courageous decisions about their life, relationships and work"​. Transformational Coaching uses a combination of evidence-based psychological approaches to do this, including Cognitive Behavioural, Narrative, Person-Centred, and Transactional Analysis. 

​I work primarily over Skype, and can work with clients anywhere in the World. I do also offer a limited amount of face-to-face sessions at Light Centre Monument, and can occasionally meet clients at their workplace.

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Sally, London

I came to Sarah with a heavy heart and a cloudy head. I expected a complex analysis of why I felt the way I did. Instead, Sarah drilled straight to the point. She gave me clear, simple and practical advice on how to change my life perspective. I had faith in the process and applied her guidance, every week. Do the same and you will notice a marked difference in your life.

I learned to open up and connect to others, and that has opened doors

Catriona, London

I would recommend Sarah to anyone that's looking for a coach. She is very understanding, calm and warm.


I had just started my new job when we started our coaching sessions and meeting with Sarah helped me build my confidence and find ways of making my transition smooth.

Nana, London

I was feeling really unsure of how to talk about my skills and work out how these transfer into me starting a coaching business and what I uniquely offer clients. Sarah is friendly and straight to the point. She listens and engages well and her questioning got me closer to the essence of what was going on. In the space of only a few sessions I felt myself moving forward in my thinking and shifting my mindset from a narrow focus to one of greater expanse. I've made the decision to finally leave my job this summer to start my business. This feels very energising and exciting. I've stopped looking specifically for my skill sets and started looking holistically of what my total life experience can bring to others.

Coaching Services

Free No Obligation Consultation

 This session will let us explore your main challenges, how they're stopping you from having the future you want, and how we can address them so you can have that future and make that difference. The consultation will also give us the chance to make sure we're a good fit to work together. If it's a big YES! from both of us, I'll go through the practical aspects such as packages and pricing.

Coaching for Individuals

My standard coaching package is over 4 months. We'll have sessions twice a month, either onlin or Face-to-Face at a mutually convenient location. I'll provide email support to keep you on track with your objectives and challenges between sessions. Our in-session breakthroughs will just be the beginning – sustained change will come from the work you put in day-to-day

Coaching for Business

I also offer bespoke coaching packages for businesses wishing to support their women employees to develop their confidence so that they can progress. Coaching is also key for supporting employees who are transitioning into a new role, returning to work after an absence  or going through any adjustment where they could benefit from extra support

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"Women in particular need to keep an eye on their physical and mental health, because if we're scurrying to and from appointments and errands, we don't have a lot of time to take care of ourselves. We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own 'to do' list."

Michelle Obama


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