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New Year, New You?

Your social media has probably been hammered since the 27th December with posts about what diet you should try, what lofty New Year’s Resolutions you should be aiming for and all manner of things that had never crossed your mind to make sure you get that "New Year, New You!"

I’m not a fan of traditional resolutions. There's a huge amount of pressure for us to reinvent ourselves for no reason other than the year going up by 1. This year is a bumper special with the turn of the decade (I have determinedly avoided the 2009 vs 2019 challenge). Change is best achieved through a marathon, not a sprint. Resolutions are usually set as a nebulous goal (take, for example, the popular resolution of “getting fit”. What does that actually mean?). We try to change too much in one go, our minds and bodies freak out, we quit, then feel absolutely sh*t about ourselves. Lather, rinse, repeat next year.

That being said, some of us do find the New Year to be a natural point to think about what we’d like to achieve in the next 12 months, especially when it’s currently so prominent in popular culture - change is much easier to sustain when you have support around you.

Here are 5 tips for how you can make your resolutions happen without setting yourself up to fail, complete with free worksheets to support you.

1. Have a Brain Dump

List anything you may like to achieve next year. It can be regarding health, friends and family, travel, personal growth, hobbies... (remember to have fun!)

2. Get Specific

Be specific with your desired goals – what exactly is it you want to achieve? Taking the aforementioned “getting fit” as an example, would going to the gym 3 times a week tick the “done” box for you? Or would you have a better sense of achievement from being able to climb 3 flights of stairs without getting too out of breath?

3. How Long?

Set a timeframe for completion – don’t forget, you have the whole year to work towards your goals, not just January! Be realistic about how long your goal may take as well as how much effort you can sustain. Remember, marathon, not a sprint. If you have more than one goal, plan them out to make sure you give enough time to each one.

4. Get Help

Who can you draft in to provide expertise and accountability? Depending on your goals, this could be a personal trainer, a driving instructor, financial advisor, coach, nutritional therapist etc. Change is much easier with a support team!

5. Set mini-goals

Mini goals are great for maintaining motivation and giving you a sense of achievement while you’re working towards your overall objective. Look at how you can break the big goal down to make this happen and KEEP TRACK of your successes.

There’s no law that says that you have to make resolutions, so if none of the above resonates and you have an overwhelming feeling of CBA*, more power to you. But, if the New Year does give you time for pause, hopefully the tips above will get you on your way to achieving some amazing things.

*Can't Be Arsed

Sarah specialises in coaching professional women to overcome self-doubt so they can achieve amazing things and own those achievements. As well as holding a Diploma in Transformational Coaching (Animas), she has a Master’s in Psychology. Sarah is currently accepting new clients. To find out more about her and how she works, visit her website here, or keep up with her on Instagram.

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